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Beverages - Beer

Maharajah's Premium Lager

"Not Just a Beer for Kings"
Maharajah's Premium Lager has been created specifically to inspire the taste buds and entice the drinkers' imagination to the land of exotic colours and spices of India. Made from an authentic Indian recipe and making use of an extended brewing technique, Maharajah's Premium Lager has a smooth, distinctly refreshing taste. The premise for the recipe was that flavours highlighted in hot and spicy food are best accompanied by a sweeter beer with subtle malt undertones.


"The King of Good Times"
Kingfisher, "The King of Good Times", is India's most recognized and widely available beer in the world. Its name has been associated with sports, fashion, and even an airline. Kingfisher, a Premium Indian Lager is brewed from the finest quality of malted barley and hops. The beer itself is a light tasting, easy drinking beer with plenty of malt.