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Beverages - Coffee


"A Blend for Every Taste"
It's not surprising that BRU is the Number 1 Coffee Brand in India, with its rich aroma and unique blends, it makes every moment come alive. BRU's specially selected and freshly roasted coffee beans offers a great cup of aromatic coffee every time! BRU's large range of coffee products provides 'the world's finest coffee experience' for the discerning customer who knows and loves their coffee. BRU makes their moments of genuine warmth and happiness even more special.

BRU Instant- Original

BRU Instant offers a rich coffee taste beyond compare as it is made with a blend of coffee and chicory from the choicest plantation and Robusta beans. The enhanced process ensures that the fresh coffee aroma of BRU Instant is preserved for a strong and rich coffee experience unlike any other. Discover something new about your BRU.

BRU Gold

BRU Gold is made from the select plantations and Robusta Beans, and it is roasted to perfection. BRU Gold blends stimulating granulated coffee with an uplifting aroma that gives the pleasure of drinking coffee to the fullest.

BRU Pure

Discover a great coffee experience with BRU Pure. Made from a blend of top quality coffee beans which are roasted to perfection. BRU Pure combines the exhilarating taste of prepared coffee with an uplifting aroma that rejuvenates the senses. What you get it the purest coffee experience with BRU Pure.