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Beverages - Fruit Drinks


"Mango Frooti, Fresh and Juicy"
Frooti is a delicious fruity mango drink made with mango pulps and is recognized by millions around the world. Frooti is the largest selling mango drink in India and rated as Indian's Most Trusted Fruit brand. Frooti is available in Tetra Pak and PET bottles.

Appy Fizz

"Appy Fizz - the cool drink to hang out with"
Appy Fizz is young, fun and famous and looks cool too! Appy Fizz, the sparkling apple drink was launched in 2005, and has been most popular amongst the youth ever since. The stylish new label has all fashionistas talking! Appy Fizz hangs out at all the places you want to be seen!

Appy Still

"Appy- the still Apple Drink"
Born in 1986, Appy - the still apple drink, is the most sophisticated apple juice with its new sleek and classy packaging. Appy is made from the freshest apples picked from the choicest orchards. Appy aims to quench every ones thirst for something refreshing and rejuvenating!