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Philippine Cuisine - Mama Sita's

Mama Sita's

"Discover flavours of the Philippine Islands"
The name "Mama Sita" has always been associated with genuinely delicious Filipino food. Mama Sita's range of all natural vinegars, marinades, fruit syrups, spice pastes & wok sauces offers home cooked flavours that is unmistakably Filipino.

A large selection of Mama Sita's mouth-watering range is available for you to explore! Our customers keep coming back for more and here are some of their favourites…

Oriental Gravy Mix

The tedious preparation of making thick shrimp gravy is simplified in this handy spice mix while retaining the authentic goodness.

Chopsuey/Pancit Canton Mix

This spice mix imparts that distinct oriental flavor to a variety of stir-fried dishes.

Tocino Marinating Mix

Free of preservatives and artificial colors this Marinating Mix turns chicken and pork into surprising scrumptious meat treat, best served with spiced vinegar.

Sarsa Ng Lechon All Purpose Sauce

Thick and deftly blended ingredients of vinegar, cane sugar and spices come alive in this hot savory sauce perfect for grilled and fried meats.