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Philippine Cuisine - Monde Biscuits

Monde Biscuits

"Youthful, Fun and Innovative"
Monde Nissan Corporation has been providing Filipino consumers high quality products and excellent service for decades. Since then, Mondo Biscuits have been a consistent top seller in the market.

Bingo Double Choco

A chocolate lovers' treat. Made with real chocolate and rich creamy filling sandwiched between crunchy chocolate cookies.

Bingo Vanilla

The popular duo of chocolate and vanilla comes alive when crunchy real chocolate cookies meet the delicious creamy filling of vanilla. A classic combination now made chocolatier than ever!

Eggnog Cookies

Droplets of rich tasting cookies made with real fresh eggs! So crunchy, so delicious.


This delicious biscuit captures the authentic taste and flavour of real bread!

Chiz Breadstix

The authentic taste of real bread is made more exciting with Chiz Breadstix! Truly a great snacking experience.

Nissin Butter Coconut

It's the biscuit that has won countless international recognition because of its delightfully distinct and unduplicated taste that the whole family enjoys.