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Indian Cuisine - Bolst's Indian Condiments

Bolst's Indian Condiments

"Effective and Qualitative"
Bolst's are one of the leading manufacturers of Pickles, Achars, Chutney, Curry Pastes and Curry Powders.

Bolst's Indian Condiments is a family owned industry started in 1932o meet the need of palates in and around Bangalore. Bolst's began exporting products in 1946 to countries like Australia, UK, Japan, Canada and USA. Bolst's have established their name in the world market for quality products.

Curry Powders

Two varieties of curry powder, hot and mild, which is suitable to make a variety of Indian Curries.

Curry Pastes

Curry paste is the mixture of spices cooked in oil to make different types of meat and vegetable preparations.


Pickles are of mild variety and slightly sweetened.


Achars are pickles of a hotter variety.


Mango and lime chutney is processed in sugar syrup with spices and vinegar.