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Monika Brand - Philippine Range

Monika Brand - Philippine Range

"Savour the Flavour!"
Monika Brand offers essential specialties from the Philippines, including fruit preserves, fish, vinegars and sauces. Monika Brand is committed to bringing home grown Philippine food to Filipinos abroad, and to promoting Filipino-made products to the world at large.


Monika Pancit Canton are Filipino's favourite wheat noodles. In Philippine, pancit means noodles and Canton refers to Cantonese cuisine. Therefore, Pancit Canton is Chow Mein, Philippine style.

Monika Brand also offers a range of essential noodles like, Vermicelli Chinese style, Rice Stick Pancit Bihon and Mung Bean Noodles (Sonotaghon) to complement a variety of delicious and authentic Philippine dishes.


Monika Brand Fish (Patis), Anchovy, Oyster and Soy Sauce and will enhance the essence of your cooking with its aroma and unique savoury flavour. Monika Brand Sauce also includes the delightful Banana Catsup Sauce, which is a unique blend of fresh spices and selected bananas.

Fruits and Pickles

Monika Brand's wide range of Fruits and Pickles includes the popular Sweet Coconut Gel which has a pleasingly chewy texture and adds an interesting bite to dishes, to the Fruit Mix (halo-halo), which has an intense sweetness, a soft, pulpy flesh, and a tropical, banana-pineapple flavour, to Coconut Sport which used the Macapuno, the rare, sweet, fruity coconut which is highly sought after in desserts.


Monika Brand's Coconut Vinegar is made from fermented coconut water and is a principal ingredient the Philippines where it is called suka ng niyog or vinakiri. Monika Brand's Vinegar Range also includes the popular Chilli, Spice, Palm and Sugar Vinegars, a staple in Philippine cuisine.

Fish Products

Bagoong (pronounced "bah-goh-ong"), Fermented Fish is a popular condiment in the Philippines as well as neighbouring countries in the Pacific region. Monika Brand has a variety of Bagoong products, which are used as a food seasoning and as a popular accompaniment to native Filipino dishes. Season your cooking with Monika Brand Shrimp Fry Original Salted and Monika Brand Sautéed Shrimp Fry Anchovy and other great Monika Brand Bagoong products.