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Beverages - Carbonated Drinks


"Limca's Freshness is Like No Other- Lime n Lemoni"
Born in 1971, Limca has remained unchallenged as the No.1 Sparkling Drink in the Cloudy Lemon Segment. The success is in the sharp fizz and lemoni bite loved by Indians at home and abroad!

Thums Up

"Taste the Thunder"
Thums Up is the leader in the cola segment in India. Thums Up is known for its strong, fizzy taste with more power packed into it than other colas. The complexity to the spices in Thums Up gives the Indian cola its extra kick which accentuates the flavour.

Café Cuba

"Join the Revolution!"
Café Cuba wants you to be united in the Cola Coffee Rush movement! Set yourself apart in the taste revolution with the first-of-its kind combination of roasted coffee beans and carbonated fizz. The stimulating aroma of coffee beans, the exciting sound of the zingy rush will capture your senses. Comrades, join the Café Cuba revolution and be united by coffee!